Death From Above

Post Apocalyptic Alien Invasion

They came with the night, a deeper darkness against the inky sky. Satellites went down. Static. White noise. Then they came screaming out of the blackened sky, blotting out the stars, launching their death upon us. We were not prepared for such a brutal onslaught. We fell and died in our millions. And yet we fought back.

We fought for our lives, for our right to exist. As they came we fought them: in the sky, on the ground, beneath the sea. We threw everything we had at them. They were too strong, their armour was too strong. They shrugged off our attacks like a prowling bear shrugs off flies. Their massive pods had hit our cities with devastating effect, and now we seemed powerless to destroy them. And then there was their mothership. A huge, bloated beast of a craft, bigger than New York, floating in orbit, destroying the last of our satellites, putting us further in to darkness, orchestrating our destruction. We were being blinded with the destruction of our communications.

For the first time in our history the major super-powers acted as one. A desperate last ditch attempt to strike some blow for freedom for mankind. A combined nuclear strike on the mothership. At 03:00 on 17th September 2016 we struck back. The explosion banished the night and set the sky on fire, a false-dawn that was to herald the beginning of a new era. The aliens were paralysed, their will to continue the invasion was broken. The mothership was obliterated. Nothing remains of it now but a shadow-hulk, floating helpless above us, circling us in a ghostly orbit, occasionally blocking out the moon as it passes.

But we paid a heavy price for our victory. The Earth stood devastated. Billions of dead, from the invasion and from the fall-out of the biggest nuclear strike imaginable. We have no satellites, and the ability to launch new ones has been lost. Governments fell in to chaos. The people of all nations fend for themselves, anarchy and chaos rule the globe.

But London stands. We have built ourselves a wall. And we stand firm behind it. All around us is in ashes, a barren wasteland, but here we stand. Is there anyone else out there? We know that some aliens survived and they continue to menace us, striking when they can, killing many in their continuing war to subdue us. The aliens, now bereft of their armour, hide in the dark places, immune to radiation, seemingly able to survive where we cannot. They must be rooted out and destroyed.

And there are other battles to be fought. We seek to bring order to the chaos, to rebuild a society that can function. We are the Strategic Defence Task Force. We need you. We need those like you. We are rebuilding. Will you join us?

This is London calling. London stands. Will you join us?